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   Phoenix Philosophical Society 
        an organization for Promoting Useful Knowledge of all 
        philosophical Experiments that let Light into the Nature 
         of Things, tend to increase the Power of Humanity, 
         and multiply the Conveniences or Pleasures of Life. 

Article the First – Precepts

Any member of the Phoenix Philosophical Society (herein the Society) must profess to the following conditions and precepts for membership:

  ~  Respect for all other members of this Society

  ~  Love mankind in general regardless of religion or origin

  ~  Freedom for other’s opinions and ideas

  ~  Love the pursuit of truth for its own sake.


Article the Second – Membership

Membership has General Members and Fellows.

  A~  General Members are invited to join the Society by a current member of the Society, and pay annual membership dues. 

1.       General Members will be sponsored for membership by a current Member of the Society.

2.       General Members have voting rights for all elections and balloting within the Society.

3.       General members pay annual dues which cover operating expenses of the Society and publication of the Proceedings. 


  B~  Fellows are elected for membership based on excellence of service or presentations given to the Society, or for other outstanding beneficence to the Society.

1.       Fellows are elected to Society membership by a majority vote of a quorum of all voting members.

2.       Fellows may be elected from persons who are General Members, or those currently not members of this Society.

3.       Fellows are voting members and receive all benefits of membership, but are exempt from annual dues.

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